Frequently asked questions
Some of the more common questions we are often asked

There are no two jobs the same and it will depend entirely on what you have done as to how long the job takes. We have had customers say before that “I have a friend who had a new kitchen/bathroom fitted and only took this amount of time, what it is there are different ways of carrying out the installations, the quick way cutting corners and the good professional way.

You are spending a considerable amount of money on your new kitchen/bathroom/heating installation, whatever it is that you are having done. You deserve to have it done safely and correctly.Here at Callgas Heating and Plumbing Ltd, we aim to complete our installations when we say we would, however, it is not always the case and often things materialise that you cannot reasonably predict. However we work with our customer to overcome whatever issues that have risen, but we do not rush and compromise with the safety and quality we seek to achieve. Quite frankly, we would rather walk away from a job than take it on, on an unrealistic time schedule. .

We would ask that you fully empty all of your existing cupboards and remove for safe keeping any items within the working area that are at all fragile and which could get broken.

Callgas Heating and Plumbing Ltd do not hold a ‘waste carrier’s license’ which is a legal requirement for any trades person carrying waste in their vehicle. We organise either a skip to be on site by a reputable skip company or use a smaller waste removal company for the smaller jobs who do hold all the correct licenses. The waste industry has changed considerably in recent years and due to new legislation we are strict on using the correct people to dispose the waste. Along with the trades person it is also the householder’s responsibility to ensure that their waste is disposed of correctly failure to do so could lead to prosecution if waste from your property ends up being fly tipped!

If you are having a kitchen or a bathroom ripped out and new installed then this will necessarily create quite a lot of dust. Although we will strive to keep this to a minimum it is inevitable that dust will travel and settle in areas that are away from the immediate working area.

Yes, we offer a standard £40 callout charge between the hours of 9am and 5pm for all of our plumbing and heating services. And also £99 callout charge between the hours 5pm-8pm and weekends

Yes, we are set up for emergency plumbing; we operate weekdays from 9am to 5pm across Birmingham.

Yes, we do projects large and small – from leaking taps, to bathroom refits to boiler Installations to full central heating installation and many more as you can see on the website. Whatever plumbing and heating issues you have, we will solve them.

Yes, every one of our team is a licensed plumber or heating engineers and we are qualified to carry out all plumbing and heating while working on your property..

Yes, we hold insurance that protects you and your property against any accidental damage.

Yes we do before of any work we undertake we conduct a comprehensive quote to provide you with a price for the job. We are focused on complete transparency and ensuring you are happy with the quote and are in agreement with the dates to commence with the work.

Yes, if you have an investment property in Birmingham that need annual maintenance, safety checks or repairs we can arrange these for you and work with your property manager on your behalf.

Yes, we can carry these out for your boiler and can arrange to return on an annual basis to ensure your mandatory landlords inspections are conducted as per the LGSI mandatory requirements. We issues Landlord Gas Safety Records for property owners and can conduct ongoing maintenance and repairs as required.

Yes, it does not matter how old your boiler is, providing it is powered by natural gas, has no pre-existing faults and is in good working condition when you sign up.

Providing your boiler is in good working condition, when you sign up, it is very unlikely we would be unable to repair it if it breaks down. However, if your boiler is under seven years old, and is deemed beyond economical repair, we will cover the cost of replacing it up to a maximum value of £2,500. If your boiler is over seven years old, we would not make any contribution; in this case you would have the option to apply for Finance for a replacement boiler or you could pay for Callgas Heating and Plumbing Ltd to replace it.

Providing your boiler is in good working condition, when you sign up, it is very unlikely we would be unable to repair it if it breaks down. However, if it is deemed beyond economical repair, you would have the option to apply for finance for a replacement boiler or pay for Callgas Heating and Plumbing Ltd to replace it.

We cover all makes and models of domestic boilers that are powered by natural gas, with the exception of Potterton Powermax, Chaffoteaux, and Elm Le Blanc. We do not service or repair: LPG boilers, thermal store boilers, solid fuel boilers, oil boilers, electric boilers, back boilers, or dual purpose boilers.

Yes, we cover both wall hung and floor standing boilers.

Yes, all parts used are brand new, genuine, and manufacturer approved, where applicable.

We carry out all free annual boiler services between March and September, towards the anniversary of your plan start date. This is to ensure a fast emergency response time during busy winter months.We will contact you a month before the annual boiler services are being carried out in your area, to arrange a suitable day to attend. Rest assured, if your service is overdue it won’t affect your cover or ability to make a claim.

Yes, all our plans are paid by monthly direct debit.

Whilst many of our competitors also offer a good solution, their exact feature set and offerings change from time to time, so we can only give you the reasons that our customers have shared with us for choosing Callgas Heating and Plumbing Ltd. We mostly hear that they select us because we fix prices for up to two years, regardless of how many claims they make, and because we offer instant cover when switching from another provider.

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